Long time no blog post!  ご無沙汰しています!

Dear readers,


It has been a while since I have updated this blog. I apologise!


I went to Hong Kong at the end of last month to explore the possibility of working together with a couple of partners there. They are the co-founders of a lending company which provides second mortgages. I was impressed by their ideas for new products to provide to investors.


It appears that due to regulations in Hong Kong, it is very difficult for money lenders to recruit investors. Here in Japan, if you sign a “silent partnership agreement” (tokumei kumiai keiyaku – TK agreement) with investors, you can easily raise funds from investors. This is one of the reasons why I went to Hong Kong to discuss how to get money from Japan to Hong Kong.


I learned many things from my trip to Hong Kong. First of all, the housing market is quite influenced by the inflow and outflow of mainland Chinese capital. Second, housing there is expensive, and income inequality appears to be a rather big issue. I wonder how most people afford to buy apartments there! Banks also lend at most up to 60% of the value of the real estate, creating a large (but somewhat risky) market for second mortgage providers.


I gave a presentation about maneo and its scheme (including the TK agreement scheme) at the City University of Hong Kong. Gathered were academics from mainland China, the US and Switzerland. Judging from the feedback I received when mingling with audience members afterwards, it really appears that our scheme is unique. I will write another post detailing this scheme and its benefits, but it reminded me of two points: 1. very little is known (both in Japan and) abroad about loan-based crowdfunding in Japan; 2. our scheme has the potential to cause great positive change in the world by bringing Japanese money to other countries; 3. there is a huge global need for capital, both from borrowers but also from people lending to those borrowers, and I feel that maneo has the potential to answer that need.

maneoのスキームと匿名組合出資契約のスキームについて、香港のCity University of Hong Kongで飛び込みでプレゼンをしました。スイス、アメリカ、中国といういくつかの国から来た学者などが参加していました。プレゼンの後、参加者の方々と交流したのですが、maneoのスキームは世界から見るとどうも珍しいようです。スキームのことは別の記事でご説明しますが、この学会に参加できたおかげで、1.やはり日本国内外で日本での貸付型クラウドファンディングのことを知っている人があまりいないな、2.外国に日本のお金を持っていくことで、世界でいい変化をもたらすことができそうだな、3.世界各国では借り手だけじゃなくて、その借り手に対して融資する貸金業者の資金ニーズが大いにあり、maneoがこのニーズに応えることができるかもしれない、と思いました。

I look forward to visiting more countries. Not only is it great to meet different partners we can work together with, but it is also fantastic for my personal growth to explore the world. I feel fortunate to be in my current position.


I will provide more information going forward about social lending in Japan, my company and comments on international alternative finance news from my perspective.


Look forward to more interesting content!