About US Regulations on Crowdfunding アメリカのCFの規制について

Knowledge is power.


If you want to expand into a new market, you have to have some knowledge of the relevant laws there. This is because these laws provide the framework within which you (and your partners there) can run a business.


I am going to the US on Thursday to explore opportunities for maneo to tie up with some major FinTech companies in the Bay Area. Today I realised that information about US regulations on crowdfunding is probably very inaccessible to Japanese.

今度の木曜日に出張でアメリカに行きます。maneoとBay Area(サンフランシスコやサンノゼの周辺)の大手FinTech企業との連携の可能性を探りに。アメリカのクラウドファンディング(CF)に関する現地の規制についての情報が、日本人にとって入手できないもの、あるいはわかりづらいのではないかと、調べながら感じたのです。

Since I need to improve my knowledge of the relevant regulations there, I will write this month about the regulations. I’m not a legal scholar or a lawyer, but if I am happy if I can provide an overview of the important parts of the rules regarding crowdfunding in the US.


Don’t worry, I will try to make the posts as interesting and easy to understand as possible!


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