View your peer-to-peer investments on one service! クラウドファンディングの投資案件をまとめて管理しよう!

There are too many crowdfunding platforms in the US!


The past couple of years have seen a major increase in the number of peer to peer lending and similar crowdfunding platforms, especially in the US. A branch of crowdfunding which is particularly popular is real estate crowdfunding. In the US there already appear to be 80-100 different real estate crowdfunding platforms!

ここ2年間は、特にアメリカではクラウドファンディングのプラットフォームが爆発的に増えてきています。特に注目を集めているのはクラウドファンディングを通しての不動産への投資(不動産クラウドファンディング)です。アメリカではすでに80~100の不動産クラウドファンディングの プラットフォームがあるといいます。

With so many platforms available, it is troublesome for investors to monitor their investments on each individual platform. Going to each individual site takes time, and it is not necessarily easy to compare the projects which each platform offers. There is finally, however, a website which allows people to monitor their investment portfolios on one site!


The name of this website is AlphaFlow. It gather your accounts from various platforms onto one site. Not only that, it lets you know whether you are getting your returns as you are supposed to, both in terms of time but also in terms of amount. If your returns are not coming in on time or you’re not receiving as much as you should be, you will receive a notification from AlphaFlow.


I believe the merits of this kind of service include the following: 1. Investors can keep track of their various investments and compare them; 2. Each platform knows that it is being watched and that investors will be alerted if they do not provide returns as promised. Above all, I believe such services show just how popular real estate investment (and crowdfunding in general) is to investors of all backgrounds. Maybe in the future there will be similar services for those who wish to monitor their donation-based and rewards-based crowdfunding projects!


I feel that there should be a similar service like AlphaFlow in Japan. It should be possible for investors to easily manage their various crowdfunding investments, even if crowdfunding is still in its early stages here. It would benefit both up-and-coming and established crowdfunding companies (the former would receive free marketing, whilst the latter could emphasise its past success), and it would be doing investors a good favour by making it easy for them to manage their various investments. Considering the pace at which new platforms are popping up in Japan, however, it is just a matter of time before a service like AlphaFlow becomes available here. That will be a true milestone for the crowdfunding industry in Japan.


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