One-stop crowdfunding platform launched in Singapore 斬新なクラウドファンディングの会社がシンガポールで立ち上がり。


Hi everyone! The other day I came across an interesting company in Singapore.


It’s a company called Fundnel, and it seems like they just launched their platform this month ( Normally fintech (financial technology) companies offer just one type of service, whether it be equity-based, loan-based, donation-based or reward-based crowdfunding. Fundnel, on the other hand, offers a variety of services to companies and products to investors.


Mainly startups and SMEs will most likely try to gather funding on Fundnel. They can choose from the following methods of gathering capital:

  • エクイティ型CFに近いmandatory convertible bonds(一定期間が経過すると自動的に株に転換する転換社債)による資金調達。純粋なエクイティ型CFはまだやっていないそうです。
  • 融資型CF(ソーシャルレンディング)による資金調達。利息は原則として半年に1回支払われるそうです。
  • 普通の転換社債の発行による資金調達。
  • レベニューシェア(予め決められた比率で粗利の一部を分配するスキーム)による資金調達。
  • 購入型CFによる資金調達。
  • Via the issuance of mandatory convertible bonds (bonds which automatically become common stock after a certain period). This is the closest option to equity-based crowdfunding which Fundnel offers. They are not offering pure equity-based crowdfunding for the time being;
  • Via loan-based crowdfunding (social lending). Interest will be paid in principle once every six months;
  • Via the issuance of “ordinary” convertible bonds (bonds which you can turn into common stock);
  • Via revenue sharing;
  • Via reward-based crowdfunding (you get a product or a service in exchange for your investment).


Revenue-sharing and reward-based crowdfunding projects are available for anybody to invest in. Other projects, however, require you to be an accredited or institutional investor.


One interesting aspect of Fundnel is that it is possible for a project to attract more funding than the company being invested in asked for (eg. 150% instead of 100%). The company can in some cases decide whether to stick with its requested amount or to receive the extra funding. Another interesting aspect is that investors can invest in countries from several ASEAN nations, not just companies in Singapore. Companies requesting financing are also able to publish information about themselves to investors, such as the name of staff members, financial information and so on. It’s good for investors to be able to view such information, but that still means that investing in such companies is a high-risk, high-return venture.

プラットフォームが公開される前に、Fundnelの経営陣は自分の知り合いの投資家に実験的にmandatory convertible bondsとレベニューシェアの案件を6件提供し、無事に500万ドルを集めたといいます。サービスの正式な開始により、様々な資金調達方法と投資商品を提供するFundnelのこれからの成長はこれからは注目されていくでしょう。

Before the launch of the platform, Fundnel gathered $5 million USD by getting insiders to invest in six projects. Some were mandatory convertible bond projects, others were revenue-share projects. Following the official release of its platform, Fundnel will surely receive much attention going forward for offering businesses several ways of gathering funds and for offering a variety of products to investors.


Thank you for reading this blog entry!

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