An Indonesian social lending company インドネシアのソーシャルレンディングの会社の紹介

New social lending companies are even popping up in Indonesia!


The company I would like to focus on today is called Modalku. It started providing its services to Indonesian entrepreneurs this Wednesday (13 January 2016).


Here are some of the features of the company:

  • It provides unsecured loans to SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises)
  • Interest is between 15-20% per year
  • Loan sizes vary from 50 million to 500 million rupiahs (around 420,000-4,200,000 yen)
  • Lenders are promised a return of up to 18% per year
  • Lenders invest at least 1 million rupiahs (around 8,000 yen)
  • Loan tenures are 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Borrowers must be businesses led by an Indonesian national who has a bachelor degree, and the business itself must have a yearly turnover of 20 million rupiahs (around 170,000 yen) or more


  • 中小企業に対する無担保ローンを提供している
  • 金利が年利15~20%
  • ローンの規模は5000万~5億ルピア(約42万~420万円)
  • 貸し手に対して最大年利18%のリターンは約束されている
  • 貸し手は100万ルピア(約8000円)から投資できる
  • ローンの期間は3ヵ月、6ヵ月、1年
  • 借り手はインドネシア人の国籍・永住権の持ち主、大卒でなければいけない、会社の年商が2000万ルピア(約17万円)以上でなければいけない

There may be some people who feel that the “low” amount of 8000 yen makes it easy for Indonesians to invest in Modalku’s loans. Considering that the GDP per capita of Indonesia in 2014 was 1865 USD (around 220,000 yen), it is fair to say that investing in social lending projects is not yet an option for most Indonesians.


According to Modalku’s chief of operations Mr. Iwan Kurniawan, one of Modalku’s roles is to fill a gap in Indonesia’s financial industry. It appears that even in Indonesia, just like in Japan, lack of access to capital is hampering the growth of SMEs in Indonesia and the Indonesian economy.


As the Indonesian middle class becomes wealthier and wealthier, there will surely appear more and more SMEs (particularly IT startups) which will have a hard time getting financing from banks. More and more entrepreneurs with dreams and solid business plans will appear going forward as part of this trend. Not only that, companies like Modalku which support these entrepreneurs will certainly increase and gain even more attention in Indonesia.


Modalku’s homepage only appears to be in Indonesian, but here is a link to their homepage (


Thank you for reading this blog entry about Modalku, an Indonesian social lending company.


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